The Most In-Demand Skills for the Year

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Digital experiences are increasingly at the center of business operations and customer relations, so it's no surprise that tech proficiencies are the most sought-after professional skills around the globe. To keep up with rapidly changing trends, hiring managers look for candidates who are adaptable and capable of anticipating what's next in the industry. Technical career or not, job seekers can instantly boost their competitive advantage by having these five tech-based professional skills.

1. Cloud and Distributed Computing

At the close of 2016, cloud and distributed computing experience ranked the highest on LinkedIn's annual list of global top professional skills. Cloud-based applications, remote communications and personalized user data are becoming the norm for both businesses and consumers, increasing recruitment of skilled programmers, data engineers and cybersecurity experts. With everyone depending on remote databases and servers, B2C and B2B companies need agile computing models to share and store data safely, distribute resources efficiently and solve complex problems quickly.

2. Social Media Management

Companies devote significant time and resources to building brand engagement on social media, so the natural progression is to leverage these same tools as customer service and sales channels. Social media enables brands of all sizes to connect one on one with followers to solve problems and sway brand favorability in real time. Social media mavens who want to stand out should highlight their ability to manage feedback, assess social media analytics, create successful content strategies, drive traffic to ecommerce sites and provide satisfying conflict resolution.

3. User Interface Design

Ranked fifth among LinkedIn's top professional skills, user interface design is invaluable to the growing software-as-a-service industry. Everyone from big businesses to bloggers to freelancers want user-friendly applications for data analytics, customer relations management, email marketing, project management, ecommerce and website design. In the B2C sector, individual consumers are using apps and cloud services to manage their entire lives, from personal finances to home security. SaaS businesses need UI designer experts who can evaluate diverse user needs to develop complex software that looks and feels simple and intuitive, making web development, UX research and visual design in-demand jobs for 2017.

4. Photo and Video Editing

Visual media tools are effective for brand storytelling and sales, and businesses are finding new ways to engage consumers through immersive experiences, such as interactive product customization apps, 360 video and augmented reality. Employers want versatile hires who can create content for internal and external purposes, motivating them to prioritize candidates with these professional skills even when they aren't required for the main job. Fortunately, job seekers can easily take advantage of online tutorials and courses and create web portfolios or video channels to showcase proficiency.

5. Statistical Analysis and Data Mining

Computer and software engineers are continually improving data processing capabilities, which means businesses and government agencies are more reliant on data engineers, scientists and analysts to manage and interpret this vast information. Data visualization, data mining, statistical analysis and business intelligence are in-demand jobs that help companies interpret meaningful patterns, translating dense, complicated data into profitable, actionable business practices.

Candidates can instantly increase their marketability by adding these professional skills to resumes and online profiles. Technical tools change so rapidly that employers often value proven proficiency over industry experience, providing more opportunities for job seekers with nonlinear career paths.

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