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The logistics industry is a tricky field if you do not have what it takes to efficiently manage things. There are a lot of decisions to consider when dealing with the entire how, when and what aspects of the transportation of goods. In order for the entire operation to remain smooth with few to no hitches in the process, a logistics manager must be able to anticipate problems, have a "plan B" ready, and not get distracted by stressful situations when they occur. So, it is important for someone seeking a job in this field, to continue to hone and develop your skills to handle this type of position more efficiently. Here are a few tips that those in the field have shared from their experience in properly managing this task.

1: Plan Ahead - The root of the logistics field is proper planning - having a game plan and a back-up plan if needed, to effectively eliminate the breakdown in the chain. If you can properly plan ahead, looking at and fully understanding all the steps from the shipment's place of origin all the way to the final destination, you can more effectively plan for what is needed along the way to expedite the transportation. Anticipating all of the steps, requirements and potential hang-ups along the way, you can better put together an almost foolproof plan.

2: Plan B - Having a foolproof plan is nice, but you must always be prepared for extenuating circumstances beyond your control. Only having one supplier or vendor is not generally a good idea, and most successful logistics managers have more than one source for their product and service needs. A good manager always expects the unexpected and has a plan in place to quickly adjust to solve the issue.

3: Weakest Link - A Logistics manager understands that their "foolproof" plan is only as good as the weakest link along the supply chain. It is therefore important to know your supply chain, and to have a good and reputable relationship with them. While people like to think others will be professional and act like adults in all situations, unfortunately that is not always true, and having a bad relationship with someone in your supply chain can be a disadvantage and can lead to break down, damage and/or failure in the delivery. Build honest relationships with your vendors and suppliers, and the showing of respect will go a long way in helping your operations to move more flawlessly.

4: Never Panic - Great Logistics manages can think on the fly, change plans quickly and effectively, without losing their cool or panicking. You cannot be easily thrown or start losing it when things start going sour. If you lose control during those situations, the entire process can quickly come crumbling down around you. Over time, your confidence will grow in having to deal with unexpected situations, and developing and relying on backup plan, but establishing that kind of confidence early on is always the best scenario.

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