You Should Always be Perfecting Your Resume Even if Not in the Job Hunt

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Things are going great. You love your current position, you're completely satisfied with your employer and there's no future career change in sight. Why would you possibly spend time updating your resume? There is actually a multitude of reasons for perfecting your resume even when you're not on the job hunt. Here are a few.

1. It's Ready for Unforeseen Circumstances

Layoffs, firings and corporate shutdowns typically occur out of the blue. If you suddenly and unexpectedly find yourself back on the job hunt, you may feel completely overwhelmed by the situation. When you're already feeling defeated, it may be hard to conjure up a list of your most significant achievements. By having your resume updated and ready to print at a moment's notice, you can relieve some of the stress and be ready to start the job search sooner.

2. You're Prepared for Unexpected Opportunities

Opportunities for advancement, either within your organization or with another employer, can pop up at any time. If you have your resume ready to go with all your most recent job duties, skills and achievements, you can jump on those exciting opportunities and throw your hat in the ring before the window closes.

3. You Don't Forget Anything

When it actually comes time to send out your resume for a job opportunity, you may not remember all those important details you want to include. You might overlook a significant project or forget about the particulars of a major achievement. Add these accomplishments to your resume when they occur so all the info is fresh in your mind.

4. You Get to Review Strengths and Weaknesses

Whether you update your resume every six months or yearly, it's a good time to take stock of your greatest strengths. It's also important to note any gaps in your skills and determine areas where you may be weaker. Think about your future career goals, and make a list of ways you can improve. Take courses at a local community college, attend workshops or ask your current employer for additional job duties to improve yourself professionally. Be sure to note these new skills on your resume when you update it next.

5. It's Easy to Customize

You know the importance of tailoring each resume you send to the specific employer. If your resume is already up-to-date, it's easy to make a few simple tweaks for each application packet you send out to potential employers. Scan the job posting to pull out keywords and determine what the hiring agency wants in a new employee, and then incorporate those findings into your resume.

Whether you're happily employed or just beginning on the job hunt, an updated resume is important. Let these five reasons for perfecting your resume motivate you to open up that document for a quick review.

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