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Every time you submit an application, send out a resume or attend an interview, there are other equally qualified candidates vying for the same position. The key to getting that coveted job is to stand out from the competition. It takes more than just having the right credentials. You have to shine brighter than everyone else. Consider using these nine tips to help you stand out during your next job search.

1. Get Creative

Go beyond the boring black-and-white resume to really catch the hiring manager's eye. Incorporate infographics into your resume to illustrate your sales figures or explain a cost-savings strategy you employed in a previous position.

2. Go Digital

Stand out from the crowd with a video resume. In addition to the paper copy you send to the hiring organization, include a link to your video resume. Explain briefly who you are, what your skills are and why you're the best candidate for the job.

3. Dress for the Job

Make sure you look polished and professional during the interview. Your clothes should be freshly pressed and your hair well-groomed. Make sure your fingernails are clean, and don't use too much cologne or perfume. Makeup and jewelry should be tasteful.

4. Come Prepared

Arrive on time for the interview, allowing yourself plenty of time to find parking and check in with the receptionist. Bring several copies of your resume, the job posting for reference and a fresh notebook for jotting down important information.

5. Develop an Elevator Pitch

Rehearse a 60-second elevator pitch until it sounds natural. Explain your qualifications, discuss your past achievements and demonstrate how you can bring value to the organization. Talking about what you can offer the potential employer helps you stand out from other applicants.

6. Provide Testimonials

Ask a former supervisor, co-worker or college professor to write a letter of recommendation or bring an email you received from a client with accolades about your customer service skills. This lets the hiring manager know what you're capable of doing for the company.

7. Quantify Your Achievements

Any job candidate can list prior job duties on a resume, but you can stand out by providing facts and figures. Don't just write that you "supervised a sales team." Tell how you "led a team of 12 professionals to exceed sales goals by 30 percent."

8. Ask Intelligent Questions

Never pass up the opportunity to ask questions at the end of your interview. Jot down a few thoughtful questions prior to the interview to show that you're truly interested in the position.

9. Follow Up

Rather than sending the obligatory follow-up email, consider a handwritten note. A personal thank you card helps you stand out, showing that you're genuine and willing to put in the extra effort.

Reading over the job description, you notice your skills, qualifications and work experience align perfectly with what the organization desires in a candidate. Now is your chance to prove that and let your personality shine. Follow these nine tips to stand out from the crowd during your next job search.

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