Why Candidates Should Embrace Recruitment Texts

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You already have a smartphone and you receive text messages on a daily basis. Leverage your texting prowess into a successful job search by embracing recruitment texts from HR, recruiters and employers looking to hire you. Discover how companies are using texting to find top talent and how you can tap into this pipeline to land your next opportunity.

Why Do Employers Use Texting?

Employers understand that texts have an open rate of 97 percent, because when people hear their phone ping, they almost automatically open the text to see what's up. People can respond to texts quickly and efficiently, making this form of communication attractive to employers. Companies can automate recruitment texts to mass communicate with candidates during the initial search process. Texts offer a simple solution to the complex problem of staying in touch with top talent.

Are Recruitment Texts Professional?

Rest assured, recruitment texts are professional when employers themselves initiate them. Texts usually come with instructions for replying, such as indicating a simple yes or no answer about how you want to proceed. This easy, back-and-forth communication saves time and money for both the employer and candidates as they determine how to proceed to the next step.

How Do You Avoid Typos in a Text?

Texting is an easy way to stay in touch, but you still have to be careful about typos and projecting a professional image. Avoid typos by turning off auto-correct and thoroughly checking the contents of the message. If you use voice-to-text programs, view the message before sending it. If you see any typos, correct them using the virtual keyboard before tapping the Send button. Treat your text messages as you would a professional email.

Isn't Texting Impersonal?

Texting isn't more or less impersonal than an email. Texts might even more personal, because it's done through your direct phone number. Texting is the preferred communication method for people ages 18 to 44, so texting is actually a good way to communicate on your job search. Only 32 percent of people find text messages to be unprofessional and impersonal, which means nearly two-thirds of your competition for the same job likely embrace texts from employers.

Remember that texting offers companies a way to save money and make communications more efficient when it comes to finding the right candidates. Employers use texting to schedule interviews, so it's important to keep those text messages and respond promptly to avoid any miscommunication.

What About Harassment?

Opting out of recruitment texts is easy. All you have to do is reply to a text with an "unsubscribe" message and then a confirmation text to remove your number from the list. These are all automated procedures, so once you indicate you want to stop receiving texts, you won't receive them any longer.

Recruitment texts are becoming more and more popular. The next time you peruse an employer's recruitment website, see if there is a way to sign up for text alerts. The gateway to your next opportunity could arrive when you hear that delightful ping on your phone.

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