What Nine Skills Are Great to Have on Your Resume?

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You can never have enough skills to add to your repertoire, but you have limited space to list skills on your resume. Consider learning the following nine skills that look great on any resume. Some of these skills come in handy no matter what job you land. As you can imagine, many of these are based on technology.

1. Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel organizes numerical or financial information clearly and effectively. If you handle information analysis on a regular basis, Excel is a key skill you must master. There are plenty of online courses and books that each you this program.

2. Adobe Photoshop

For graphic design or photo editing work, Adobe Photoshop is the front-running program. Add this skill to your resume when you expect to have a position that requires this type of work.

3. Web Development

Java and HTML, form the backbone of web pages and websites. Learn how to create web pages so you can perform the basic functions involved with altering your company's website. Show this skill off on your resume by listing a portfolio of websites you helped to create or maintain.

4. WordPress

Combine knowledge of web development with learning how WordPress works to create an entirely new skill on your resume. Millions of companies use WordPress as a template for building a comprehensive website. This vital skill teaches you how to manage content on a website if you help run a publication. You can also use WordPress to create blogs or company newsletters.

5. Foreign Language

Learning a foreign language opens up a plethora of opportunities in business communication. Spanish is particularly important in the United States, since many people have Spanish as a first language. Chinese is important for business dealings at a high level because many companies import items from this Asian country.

6. SEO

Learning search engine optimization, or SEO, skills means you know how to get websites to the top of Google's web search results. This is important when trying to bring your company more business through the internet or social media. Combine this skill with web development and WordPress skills to truly impress hiring managers.

7. Google Analytics

Millions of companies rely on Google Analytics to help them study the performance of their online content. If you know the ins and outs of this program, you can help companies gather in-depth information about the performance of each page on their websites.

8. Public Speaking

Good business leaders must have public speaking skills. Take a public speaking or lecturing class, or consider joining a group like Toastmasters to strengthen your public speaking abilities before adding this skill to your resume.

9. Product Management

Product management means you deal with a product from its design phase to delivery. Understanding this process means you know how to present a great product idea to investors as your firm seeks capital for projects.

These nine skills can help your resume look great for many different types of employers. Adding just several of them can greatly expand your career opportunities.

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