What About Hiring a Career Coach?

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If your career is at a standstill, even after numerous attempts to advance it, consider hiring a career coach. These paid professionals have the knowledge, experience and connections that can help take your career to the next level. They can also keep you motivated and focused as you strive to achieve your career goals. Here are three additional reasons why investing in a career coach is a smart move.

1. Help Identify and Solve Problems

It's not uncommon for job seekers and permanently employed individuals to unknowingly sabotage their careers. For example, if your resume is three-to-four pages long and lists every job you've held since high school, you're probably sabotaging your chances of landing an interview. If your boss offers optional training sessions for employees who want to advance their skills, but you never attend because you're already great at your job, you're probably sabotaging your chances of advancing within the company. A career coach would instantly recognize these mistakes and advise you to either make your resume specific to the position or boost your knowledge and skills to become more of an asset to your employer. A career coach offers the advice and criticism you need to make necessary changes in your actions.

2. Provide Ongoing Support

A career coach also provides ongoing career support. Maybe you landed your dream job but have trouble connecting with your team members or don't feel like your contributions make a difference to the organization or its cause. Many people don't know what to do in such situations and might begin to feel anxious or overwhelmed. A coach can help guide you through the tough situations you encounter throughout your career. Just like most sports coaches are former players of the sport, most career coaches have a great deal of knowledge about the specific industry for which they coach. They've likely dealt with the problem you're having or a problem you might face in the future, making them qualified to offer great advice on an ongoing basis.

3. You're the Focus

You might be thinking it's possible to get many of these benefits from a career mentor. While career mentors are great, they don't play the same role as a coach. The biggest difference between the two is that a career mentor generally helps you periodically and isn't always available, while a career coach is a paid professional whose job is to focus on you and your career. A career coach typically offers a clearly identified set of services and is available when you call or text. A career coach is a professional you can count on.

If you're having a hard time justifying the cost of hiring a career coach, think of all the promotions, raises and bonuses you'll likely miss out on if your career remains stagnant. When you hire a career coach, you're investing in your future. Be sure to consult with individuals in your industry, family members and friends who can recommend a great coach with a solid track record to help you advance your career.

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