What 8 College Activities Do Employers Want to See on Your Resume?

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Can college activities help you get a job after graduation? According to surveys of employers, business owners look for more than just academic qualifications when they employ college graduates. By picking the right college activities to complement your studies, you could increase your chance of employment after you finish college. Here are eight activities to consider.

1. Fraternity and Sorority Membership

When they examine your resume, employers are looking for college activities that prove you have leadership skills. Fraternities and sororities are a good way to put yourself in a position of responsibility while you are at college. If you can persuade your Greek life sisters or brothers to elect you to a leadership position, that shows you are good at working with people, which is a skill that employers are keen to find among applicants.

2. Student Government Association

Joining the Student Government Association is another good way to adopt a leadership position while you are studying at college. Once you join this association, it is important to take the responsibility seriously. By making an effort to improve the lives of your peers on campus, you can create examples of leadership and teamwork with which to fill your resume.

3. Major-Related Clubs

If you plan to get a job related to your major after graduation, getting involved with some relevant college activities can help to demonstrate your passion for your chosen field. For example, if you're an English major wanting to write for a living after graduation, try writing for your college's literary magazine.

4. Volunteering

Some colleges have organized volunteering programs such as Circle K International. Joining one of these clubs is an easy way to get involved in volunteering and demonstrate that you are a hardworking and passionate individual. Even if your college has no official volunteering program, you can look for volunteering opportunities at local hospitals, animal shelters or environmental organizations.

5. Studying Abroad

Studying abroad shows that you are open-minded and ready to step outside your comfort zone. If you learn the local language while you're abroad, this can boost your resume even more.

6. Music or Theater

Getting involved with your college band, choir or theater group shows dedication and an ability to work with others. When writing your resume, you can describe how you worked as part of a team to stage a performance.

7. College Newspaper

Writing for your college newspaper not only showcases your writing skills but also demonstrates that you can take direction from others and meet deadlines. Building a portfolio of well-written articles means you can demonstrate strong written communication skills, which are important for many graduate jobs.

8. Start a Club

If none of the college activities at your school interest you, start your own! Starting your own club shows you have leadership skills and the ability to inspire others.

College graduates face tough competition when looking for jobs. If you want your resume to stand out from the rest, get involved with these eight college activities.

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