Ways to Mine Info About a Company's Culture

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When you're seeking a job, the more information you can glean about a company's culture, the more prepared you are for an interview with that company. By learning about the organization's work environment, its dress code and the people who work there, you also get a sense of what you might be getting into before you make any type of commitment. Consider these ways to mine info about a company's culture as you're job hunting.

Examine Social Media Pages

Social media can be a goldmine of info about a potential employer's company culture. Companies use social media to promote products and programs, and inform the public about all the good and fun things they're doing. Social media also gives you a glimpse of the people behind the scenes, the co-workers you might be working with or the managers and supervisors in charge of your department. Check out a company's Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages, and search the LinkedIn profiles of current employees to learn about their past job experience, current projects, skills or networking circles.

Scan the Company Website and Do a Google Search

Like social media, a company's website can also be a treasure trove of info about its culture. If the company regularly posts press releases, see if there are any clues as to the goals the organization is currently pursuing or the challenges it might be facing in the industry. This information may come in handy during an interview, giving you an opportunity to explain to the hiring manager how your experience, skill set and problem-solving abilities make you the ideal candidate for the job and a great fit for the company's culture.

Searching the company's name on Google or another search engine can reveal additional information about a company's culture. You might find images or videos of the company's office or employees. There might be a mention of it in industry magazines or articles about its products or services. The ubiquitous nature of the internet means there is no shortage of information if you just take the time to look. You might also find reviews of the company from customers or other organizations. Learning the good and the bad gives you greater insight into the company as a whole.

Look for Company Info on Employer Review Sites

There are several websites that let you learn more about the companies you're considering joining. You can get more details on a company's culture on websites such as Glassdoor, Great Place To Work, Indeed, Vault and The Job Crowd. Read employee reviews that give you pros and cons and interview ratings on Glassdoor. Learn about employee benefits, perks and programs, demographics and hiring outlooks on Great Place To Work. Indeed features several types of scales on which people can rate employers, including a culture scale and work/life balance scale. For Vault's employee reviews, you get uppers, downers and comments. The Job Crowd lets you know the best and worst things about a company from employees' perspectives.

When you're a job seeker, you want to learn more about a company's culture to decide if the job of your dreams is also at the company of your dreams. In addition, you gain an advantage over other candidates when you can speak the company's language.

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