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Temporary jobs are extremely common in today's job market. According to the American Staffing Association, staffing companies hire almost 16 million Americans to work as temporary employees. While there are benefits to working as a temp, you may be hoping to become a permanent hire. To do that, keep these objectives in mind.

1. Make it Known

Your goal of moving from temp to perm doesn't have to be a secret. Make this clear from the start of your relationship with both the staffing firm and the employer. If it's common knowledge that you wish to be considered for permanent opportunities, your supervisor is more likely to keep you in mind when those opportunities arise.

2. Work Like a Permanent Employee

Visualize yourself as a permanent hire, and adjust your work ethic and attitude accordingly. Don't act like you'll only be in the position for a few months, or you'll inadvertently begin to perform like you're not an important member of the team. Rather, continue to ask questions, read up on the company's goals and values, and perform to the best of your ability each day.

3. Network

Your current status as a temporary employee doesn't mean you can't network with the people around you. Make it a point to meet and spend time with your co-workers and establish connections with people in other departments. You never know where a future opportunity might come from, so it's a good idea to make yourself known throughout the organization.

4. Go Above and Beyond

As a temporary employee, you have a specific set of duties to fulfill each day. Once completed, what's stopping you from asking for more to do? Showing the enthusiasm and willingness to learn new tasks and perform more work makes you stand out as a team player with a great attitude.

5. Fit In

Try your best to fit in with you co-workers. Being a temporary employee doesn't mean you can't relate to the people you work with. Participate in company activities and try to socialize whenever possible and appropriate. Hiring professionals know that becoming a part of any organization is about more than your skill set and professional background. Demonstrating how well you can fit in with the team goes a long way when it's time to consider you for a permanent position.

6. Every Day is an Interview

Show up to work on time every day. Complete your work to the best of your abilities, and remind yourself you are being watched and judged. Consider your time as a temporary employee to be an audition for what you really want: a permanent position. Often, companies hire temps so they can get an idea of their work ethic before making a final offer.

Following these tips won't guarantee you'll land a permanent position, but could definitely help you stand out and impress your temporary employer. Future opportunities for a permanent opening may become available to you based on the impression you left as a temporary employee, so it's important to make your time as a temp count.

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