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The labor market is healthy as of April 2018, and experts believe job growth should continue to climb throughout the year. Tailoring your job search materials to online applications remains a crucial step in landing a position or your dream job. Discover what you need to succeed in the realm of online job boards, LinkedIn posts and company career pages.

Research Each Company

You know what type of job you want. Therefore, it's essential to research each company thoroughly before committing to filling out online applications. This saves you time, energy and effort in your job search because you can eliminate companies that don't meet your requirements before spending enormous amounts of time going through a lengthy application process.

Personalize Your Resume

Personalize your resume to every position for which you apply throughout your job search. Use keywords found in the job description, and make sure your skills and qualifications match the company's job requirements. Fill out your employment history using relevant positions that showcase the top-level skills needed to be successful in each specific position.

Craft a Cover Letter

Just like a resume, your cover letter should also cater to the position at hand. Outline why you're a perfect fit for the job in two or three short paragraphs. A cover letter is designed to introduce a resume, so make sure your cover letter isn't a summary of your resume.

Leverage LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a platform that allows you to put your skills, resume and employment history on full display. Create a professional photo, fill out your profile as much as possible, and update your LinkedIn page whenever you have new information, such as new skills or a new position. Interact with other people on the site and make connections with those who can put you in touch with hiring managers within your industry.

Talk to Members of Your Network

Staying in touch with your career network is vital during a job search. This includes college professors, former colleagues, friends, workout partners and anyone you come in contact with at networking events. These individuals might have information that can help you with your job search, or they might know which organizations are hiring within your industry.

Review Your Materials

Check your application materials thoroughly before submission, and then have someone else review your work to catch any errors. Glaring errors may leave the impression that you do not care and that you submit sloppy work. This alone can disqualify you.

Deliver Items in Person

Delivering a resume and cover letter in person does two things. First, it leaves a good impression with the hiring manager when you make a memorable appearance that shows your commitment to landing the job. Second, you get a feel of what the firm is like, which can help you decide if you want to work there.

Follow Up

Once you submit your materials, follow up with a quick email four to five days later. Simply confirm that the employer received your materials. Then, ask for a time frame in which you should hear back from the employer.

An online job search can reap rewards when you do it right. Snare the job you want with these simple tips that make a great impression on a hiring manager.


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