Things You Can and Things You Can't Control in Your Job Search

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Sometimes, no matter what you do during a job search, things simply don't go your way. You might have the perfect resume, ample industry contacts and in-demand skills, but this doesn't guarantee you'll land a position. That's because there are certain aspects of every job search that are not within your control. Thankfully, there are certain things you can control during your job search to help boost your chances of getting hired.

Things You Can't Control

1. Job Market

As a job seeker, you can't control the job market or state of the economy. If the job market is hot during your job search, you might qualify for dozens of open positions. In a down economy, the type of positions you qualify for might not even be available. Do your best to stay vigilant if you're dealing with a tough economy, and consider thinking outside the box by starting a small business or offering a fee-based service.

2. Your Competition

If you're having a hard time landing a job because your competitors possess more skills and experience, try not to get discouraged. There's nothing you can do to diminish the qualifications of your competitors. However, if this becomes too big of an issue, consider taking classes or volunteering within your industry to give your resume a boost.

3. Unprofessional Employer

There's nothing you can do about an interviewer who seems unprofessional or disinterested in you or your qualifications during an interview. It's best to remain as professional as possible in such situations. Who knows, that interviewer might be on his way out of the company, and there could be a future opportunity awaiting you at the exact same organization.

Things You Can Control

1. Application Materials

The quality of your application materials is completely within your control. Make sure your resume and cover letter are impeccable before beginning your job search. These documents should be easy to read, error-free and professional in appearance. Always ask a few people to review your documents for errors before sending them out to employers.

2. Interview Preparedness

You should never miss out on a job opportunity because you're not prepared for an interview. Research the company's history and learn about its top executives on the company's website. Review the company's social media pages to learn about current projects or new products. Prepare answers to common interview questions and a few questions to ask the employer at the end of the interview. You should even prepare what you're going to wear and decide which route you're going to take before your interview day.

3. Job Search Efforts

You're completely in control of the amount of effort you put into your job search. If you spend just a small amount of time searching through job postings and sending out resumes each week, don't be surprised if you're not having much luck. If you want great results, take your job search seriously. Make it your full-time job until you actually land one.

Since there are multiple aspects of your job search you simply can't control, it's essential to take the things you can control very seriously. Go above and beyond when tackling the things you can control to ensure you stand out and make a positive impression with employers.

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