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While many job seekers spend time crafting a resume that is general and applicable for any position within their industry, the most effective resumes are targeted to the company. Craft a document that is customized to the job skills each employer is seeking to increase your chances of landing an interview and ultimately a job offer.

Focus on Keywords

Scan through the job description thoroughly to identify keywords the company has detailed. For example, if a job description lists computer software or hardware qualifications, use these specific terms to detail your qualifications when crafting a resume. Know the terminology, and use it to your advantage to capture the attention of hiring managers right away.

Show Your Value

Your accomplishments must stand out to potential employers, especially if you show a connection from your achievements to the company's goals. Research the mission and goals of the firm, and list how your accomplishments can further impact the company's efforts. For example, if the job advertisement indicates that the company is seeking an employee who can increase the client base, outline how you have successfully met sales goals, recruited new clients and secured business within your past positions when crafting a resume.

Know the Company Culture

Employers are not only seeking applicants who can impact their bottom line, but also employees who fit within the company culture. Identify key traits you possess that mesh well with the company's philosophy and mission. Detail ways in which you helped build and improve morale at other firms to show that you are invested personally in this opportunity when crafting a resume. Tie your accomplishments to your soft skills so employers can see that you not only have the professional experience and drive to complete the job tasks, but also a personality that meshes well with their existing staff.

Be Specific

Targeting your resume for each company does take a significant amount of time; however, your efforts are worth the time, as this helps you stand out among other candidates. Spend ample time researching each firm to better prepare yourself for crafting a resume that is personalized. Describe your specific experience with the hardware or software the company uses. Customize your objective so it models qualifications the firm desires and shows that you are motivated and eager to become part of a team that offers you an opportunity to make an impact.

How you present yourself on your resume is just as important as how you present yourself to your future employer during a job interview. Increase your opportunities by crafting a resume that targets each position and professionally displays your area of expertise and eagerness to positively impact the company's productivity, profits and culture in the future.

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