Resilience, Grit and Grind Will Help You Find That Job

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A job search, especially one that leads to a fulfilling and rewarding career, is similar to strength training. Building muscles and strength takes a long-term commitment. You also need resilience, grit and grind to achieve your goals, even if the process leaves you sore and hurt. Take a look at how to accomplish your professional goals through the lens of a personal fitness regimen.


You should not expect to apply for one job and then land your dream position. Finding your ideal situation usually takes time and effort. You likely built up your skills before you even began your job search or applied for a position. You also tapped into your network, researched various companies that align with your mindset and researched each employer before applying. You have to continuously tweak and improve your job search efforts to make sure it pays off.

Strength training is much the same way. You notice results after a few weeks rather than after your first workout. Also, you need to stick with your workout and tweak your routine as needed to be successful.


Determining how your body recovers from workouts is the key to creating a consistent workout schedule and pattern. How you rebound from the daily grind of a job search gets you in a groove to do it all over again the next day. Develop a routine that works for you. Check emails and respond to messages in the morning, tap into your network in the afternoon, and research new opportunities in the evening. If you don't get any results on one day, repeat this process the next day. Make sure to research tips for finding a great job as you define a strategy and set goals.

Resiliency also means getting through tough times when you feel frustrated that you're not seeing results. Pay attention to your emotions throughout your job search, and learn how to cope with frustration, rejection and overwhelming feelings. Know yourself and how you're likely to respond to various situations. When you need a break from your daily grind, take an afternoon off and do something you enjoy. You can tackle your next opportunity with more vigor after you've had a break.


Grit means sticking it out through tough times and getting through obstacles. Instead of seeing an obstacle as a hindrance, learn to overcome obstacles and learn from the experience. Determine how to sharpen your focus, write a better resume, improve your interview skills and rehearse interview questions as you go along every phase of your job search.

A job search may not come to fruition right away. Much like building up your muscles, a career is a long-term commitment that requires grit, grind and resiliency to get the results you desire.

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