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Millennials are here, whether the workforce is ready or not. Experts in 2017 say this growing workforce should fill 47 percent of positions in the global labor force by 2020, and should increase even more by 2025 as Baby Boomers retire. Hiring millennials shouldn't invoke fear from Gen Xers who may think this ambitious younger generation is out to get their jobs. Instead, there are four reasons why millennials are good hires.

1. Tech Savvy

More and more jobs require an intimate knowledge of technology. Millennials practically grew up with technology in their hands, whether they got on the internet with desktops, laptops or mobile devices, over the past 20 years. Technology in schools made sure millennials knew how to use computers. Hiring millennials for their technological prowess is a given since they are easier to train on the latest software and hardware at the office.

2. Great Collaborators

Millennials seek careers that align with their passions and personal belief systems. As such, the office space offers them a challenge to succeed in their own niche while working with great people. Companies hiring millennials look for team players who understand that teamwork makes the dream work. Even as these self-driven youngsters try to learn the ways of their chosen fields, they try to network their way into a promotion as they advance their careers by developing long-term relationships with the people around them. For millennials, it's less about the money and more about syncing their personal and professional goals with an employer.

3. Constant Learning

Younger workers love to learn, and that means hiring millennials puts an emphasis on feedback, personal development and training. These new hires want to grow their careers in as many ways as possible, and that's why they find places where their professional goals mirror those of the company. When a millennial wants to expand his horizons and learn new skills, his employer should have his back. In return, the younger worker should develop that skill into a more efficient way of working at his job. The cycle completes when the employer rewards the hard worker with a raise, promotion or other benefit.

4. Different Perspectives

Hiring millennials leads to more innovation since these young people tend to think outside the box, challenge the status quo and bring fresh ideas into a corporate culture. Remember, millennials love technology and receive a lot of information every day through their social networks, online news sources, product reviews and favorite websites. Any one of these sources can lead to a great idea or two while sparking innovation that leads to revenue growth and more profits.

Companies hiring millennials should do so sooner rather than later. Recruiters, hiring managers and business professionals should take a closer look at this generation beyond the constant texting or listening to music in earbuds to see the passionate, dedicated workers behind their tech.

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