Reasons Why Temping is a Good Idea

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Temp work may seem like dead-end grunt work to someone seeking full-time employment. However, landing a temporary job serves several good purposes on your road to a fulfilling career. Take a look at reasons why you should consider temporary employment between jobs or as a side gig during your job search.

Makes Ends Meet

Temp work helps you make ends meet when you're unemployed. Some work is better than none, and keeping your cash flow going is always a good idea, especially if you're actively seeking permanent employment.

Increases Odds of Full-Time Work

Having a temporary job increases your odds of landing a full-time position. This is especially true if you work hard and your supervisor sees you as a valuable asset. He'll likely want to keep you on board once your temporary assignment ends.


Temp work helps you increase your network contacts. These contacts come from the temp agency itself and from your colleagues at the job site. One of the people you meet as a temp might help you boost your career in the future.

Practice for Other Positions

Searching for jobs through temp agencies may help improve your interviewing skills. Many of the questions temp recruiters ask are likely to come up again during interviews for full-time positions. Take interviews with the temp agencies seriously to improve your responses to common interview questions.

Start a New Career

Temporary positions give you a chance to explore different companies and expand your interests. This is a good idea if you already have a full-time job and are considering a mid-career shift. Working a temp job also gives you experience in a different industry, which helps create a gateway to more opportunities.

Try Out Various Employers

If you're not sure whether you want to work for a specific employer full-time, find out if the company offers temp work. A temp job allows you to learn the company culture and determine if you're a good fit for the organization. If possible, consider working as a temp for multiple companies before accepting a full-time role.

Look for Temp-to-Hire Jobs

Some temp agencies advertise temp-to-hire jobs as a benefit of signing on. Each temp-to-hire job should specify how long you must work for the organization and what you must achieve before the firm hires you on a full-time basis. For example, you may have to work 90 days with no absences and have a good performance review to earn a permanent role.

Develop Job Skills

Temp work helps you develop soft skills that are pertinent to any field. You get practical experience communicating in corporate environments, working with teams and adapting quickly as you learn your new position. Before embarking on a permanent job search, add the skills you developed while working a temp job on your resume and cover letter.

Finding viable temp work can sharpen your skills and prepare you for the next step in your professional journey. Temporary positions can also serve as viable rehearsals for permanent jobs in your field, and they allow you to earn money as you seek permanent employment.

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  • Sharonica Gaines
    Sharonica Gaines

    Nancy I adore you view point on the temp job information. Being positive, optimistic, and maximizing your potential has always lead to positive results for me, and many others I have seen...but being persistent in your execution is very imperative..

  • Nancy Anderson
    Nancy Anderson

    @Mike W thanks for your comment. However, I am living proof that temp work can turn into full-time. I started off as a temp and remained that for awhile until I was offered full-time employment. This has happened to me on more than one occasion throughout my career. Temp work most definitely can turn into full-time. I think it has a lot to do with attitude during the temping time. If you go in there thinking that you are only going to do what you have to while waiting for full-time work, it's never going to lead you there. You have to go in with the attitude that you can do this and much more and can show your worth - sort of like auditioning for the position. So, take a temp position with the attitude that it's going to take you to a permanent position. Good luck!

  • Mike W.
    Mike W.

    Temp work never leads to a full-time job

  • Gill T.
    Gill T.

    Temp Work sometimes lead to a full job

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