Problems With Recruiting And Selection Processes

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Job seekers facing frustration with the recruiting process are not alone. In fact, the process of hiring candidates has long dominated discussions among professional recruiters, leading to the following problems that are now in the spotlight.

Job Openings Focused on Essential Requirements

When professional recruiters post open positions, too often these openings are based on essential requirements versus highlighting the work duties employees are expected to perform. The recruiting process has long focused on attracting talent with impressive credentials versus trying to recruit individuals who have proven proficiency with the tasks required of the job. As a result, many companies are finding that when hiring candidates, they are employing individuals with ample knowledge, but not enough experience.

Poorly Written Job Advertisements

As a job seeker, it is likely that you are thoroughly reading through job advertisements, only to find that the wording is vague or confusing. These types of job advertisements often deter qualified candidates from applying for positions within their field. According to Liz Ryan with Forbes, poorly written job advertisements that expect applicants to possess each listed qualification do not serve companies well and may even lead to hiring a candidate with the right credentials but not enough hands-on experience to fulfill the job duties.

Stringent Applicant Tracking Systems

Although online applicant tracking systems help to streamline an efficient recruiting process, these platforms can also limit the candidate pool, especially when employers use keywords that are not relevant to the position. An online applicant tracking system is programmed to spot specific, designated keywords within each candidate's resume and cover letter. Unfortunately, if your materials do not include these keywords, you are less likely to move forward in the hiring process, thus eliminating qualified talent. When working with a recruiter, inquire about relevant keywords during the recruitment process to increase your opportunities when applying to companies that filter resumes through these types of platforms.

Lack of Follow Up

It is no secret that recruiters are swamped with applications from qualified candidates. However, many agencies and employers lack the manpower to effectively follow up with qualified applicants who have slipped through the cracks. The recruiting process focuses on serving individuals who have completed all relevant materials for positions versus following up with applicants who only start the process and begin searching elsewhere due to the pitfalls that occur with online platforms, questionnaires and poorly executed interviews.

The good news is that professional recruiters now recognize the problems that continue to occur during the hiring and recruiting process. A strong recruiting agency and professional employer are more likely to seek out job candidates who exhibit proof of proficiency. As a job seeker, stay motivated and follow up diligently to keep your application materials moving through the hiring process.

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