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If your job recruiter seems to be more of a hindrance than a boon, it may mean that using that particular recruiter is not a good idea. The purpose of a recruiter is to match you with companies seeking your specific skills and qualifications. A good recruiter wants you to succeed because if you do, he also succeeds. But what should you do if your recruiter isn't getting the job done?

Communication Is Sparse or Nonexistent

Your job recruiter is supposed to connect you with employers that are hiring positions that match your skill set. Therefore, you must let your recruiter know about all of your skills and qualifications. What are some of your best skills? What tasks do you generally excel at? What have you achieved in previous positions? A good recruiter will ask you these questions to gain a better understanding of your overall qualifications. It's extremely important for you to be honest, because if you inflate your abilities, you're not going to be matched with the right employer or job.

Your recruiter should also keep you in the loop about potential opportunities. If you interview with a company, it's the recruiter's job to give you some feedback from the employer about your performance during the interview and where you stand with the employer. A job recruiter is the go-between and should stay in constant contact with the company until he gets a solid "no" or "yes" answer about offering you the position. If you consistently ask your recruiter for feedback and he has nothing to offer, it's a good sign he's not doing his job.

Your Needs Are No Longer Important

When you first met your job recruiter, he likely seemed interested in your needs and was motivated to help you find the best position in your job search. If he's suddenly pressuring you to take the first job you are offered or emphasizing all the things that are wrong with your job candidacy, this might be a red flag. For example, if the recruiter rarely sends you on interviews or only informs you of an interview at the very last minute, he's likely not putting your needs first. He might also try to place you in a position that's not a good fit for your skills or abilities. If your recruiter is exhibiting these behaviors, it may be time to move on to someone else. A good job recruiter works on your behalf and negotiates with the hiring company to ensure a win-win outcome.

A job recruiter can be a great resource during your job search, but a recruiter who doesn't communicate with you regularly or consider your needs is not going to help you achieve your goals. If your recruiter is holding you back, find another person to help you find your ideal job.

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