It's 2023, Here's What Your Resume Should Look Like

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If your resume has been collecting dust in 2022, it’s time for a resume refresh! A resume is a huge part of your first impression on the job search and it can be a great asset to your application package. A strong resume will take recruiters on a journey and show them your versatility, your strengths, and your goals. While resume trends come and go, here are a few key elements to focus on in 2023 that can help your application stand out: 

Studies show that recruiters spend less than 10 seconds reviewing a resume during their first pass, so it’s essential that your resume is very clear and easy to digest. However, it can be challenging to evaluate your own resume, so consider asking a friend, colleague, or mentor to review your resume. This works even better if your reviewer doesn’t know all the details of your background, so they can provide more impartial feedback on the clarity of the information. 

Clarity also applies to the format of your resume, not just the information included. As you’re choosing a resume template, it’s a great idea to pick a variety, then find a happy medium between the most basic and the most flashy. A modern, clean resume can help show that you’re constantly evolving and not stuck in the past. 

Tailor Your Resume(s)
No one has time to rewrite a resume for every single job application, but consider a field-specific or targeted resume. Instead of sending the same, standard resume with every one of your applications, identify the main types of jobs that you are applying to, then create a version of your resume that showcases your applicable skills. Say, for instance, that you are applying to administrative positions, research assistant positions, and project manager roles. While you probably have a huge range of skills that apply to all three roles, consider creating three specific resumes for each type of job (as opposed to every specific job). That way, recruiters can instantly understand why you are a great fit instead of wading through extraneous information to get to the most relevant parts. Just be sure to create a file naming system for your different resumes so that you can stay organized. 

Focus on Figures
Depending on your industry and professional background, it might be relevant to include numbers to highlight your experience and success in previous roles. For example, if you had experience as an events coordinator, you can list the number of attendees you hosted at a conference or community event. Or, if you are applying for a customer service position, you could underline your experience working with up to 300 customers per evening as a server. Whether it’s unique visitors, clicks, clients, tickets, etc., there are many ways to quantify your previous experience on your resume.  

Refreshing your resume is a great way to reset and reinvigorate your job search in 2023. 


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