Improve Your Resume With These Nine Steps

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If you're having trouble landing interviews in a highly competitive job market, you're not alone. With tons of candidates for one high-paying job, standing out is harder than ever. Improve your resume in nine steps by taking your skills, experience and qualifications to new levels, and show your prospective employer that you're the right one for the job.

1. Take classes

Taking a class does several things all at once to improve your resume. First, you learn new skills that enhance your current job or increase your chances for a promotion. Second, you earn another connection in your network by getting to know the teacher or professor for the class. Third, you can take classes online or in the evening so the course works around your schedule.

2. Volunteer

Volunteering at an organization, even two or three hours a week, teaches you valuable skills depending on your position. Your supervisor can vouch for your skills if you need a reference later to improve your resume.

3. Join a Trade Group

Join a trade or business group. This can be a group associated specifically with your chosen industry, or it could be a local group of people with similar interests. The group puts you in touch with contacts and connections who can lead to a job.

4. Travel

Traveling shows you have an independent spirit, but it also gives you a chance to learn some skills. For example, you can volunteer at a church in New York, work on a farm in Iowa or even learn to run an old-fashioned steam locomotive in Nevada. The possibilities are endless.

5. Earn a Certification

Professional certifications improve your resume in very specific ways. These types of certifications are most pertinent for health care, teaching, skilled trades and computer programming. Certifications are more complicated training modules compared to taking a single course. Make sure you have the time and energy required to study for a certification.

6. Create a Website

Create a website for yourself that shows your personal brand whether you have a full-time job or consult on the side. Your website compiles all of your information into one place as a comprehensive listing.

7. Write a Blog

Publish some of your work on your latest thoughts on industry trends, release your newest computer game or post the latest professional photo or graphic design work. Writing a blog keeps you fresh and relevant within your industry as you improve your resume and gain expertise.

8. Send Backup Documents

A resume and cover letter are normally plenty to land an interview if you have the right qualifications. After submitting your basics, consider supplying your future boss with a portfolio and letters of recommendation as supplementary material.

9. Intern

Although it's unpaid, having an internship in your chosen field lets you meet people, earn skills and get a good recommendation from the people with whom you work.

Most of these nine steps can lead to more networking opportunities, which is one of the major keys to finding your perfect job. Try combining some of these ways to improve your resume to see what happens the next time you apply for a position.

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