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Landing your dream job is rarely easy. If you want the position, there's a strong probability that others do too. Unless you have the unusual fortune of being the most qualified candidate, you're going to need to find new ways to stand out from the herd during your job search. There are no guarantees that you'll succeed, but you can take steps to tip the odds in your favor.

When finding employment, your goal is to prove to the hiring manager that you care about the position more than the paycheck. Companies want to hire people who are truly passionate about the organization and whatever product or service is being sold. During your job search, it may be tempting to take anything that comes your way. However, you should be confident that you truly want to work the position in question for the long haul. Hiring managers can usually differentiate between passionate candidates and candidates who are willing to accept the first position offered during their job search.

If you're truly the best candidate for the job, you should have a track record that proves it. Show the hiring manager your professional social media profiles, records of past work experiences and personal passion projects. You're much more likely to have a successful job search if you seek employment in specific niches that are already established in your life.

These days, your resume is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to finding employment. Make sure your social media accounts portray you in a favorable light, and make them public. A carefully curated social media profile can be an incredibly powerful tool that helps potential employers to get to know you in a deeper, different way than is possible during a quick professional interview. Your social media accounts also help the hiring manager to tell if you're going to fit in with the company's staff and assimilate to its culture.

In addition to providing social and outside-the-box proof of relevant experience, remember that first impression is everything, especially during a job search. Even if your experience and references are impeccable, it only takes one error in judgment to drastically decrease your chances of getting the job. Before the job interview, spend some time thinking about how to answer common questions. You should have a general idea in mind, but you don't want to sound scripted. There's a fine line between giving a well-thought-out response and delivering a memorized speech. Be friendly, polite and prepared, and try to stand out from the other interviewees without pushing the limits too hard.

Another effective way to improve your chances is to go into the interview with more knowledge about the company than the other applicants. For example, if you're applying to work at a restaurant, you could mention what you like about a specific dish. Someone who frequents the business or has used its service is usually more likely to get a call back than someone who just heard of the company.

As you start or continue your job search, remember that success isn't guaranteed. If you don't get the job, try not to let it affect you, but also try to learn from the experience. Remember that perseverance is the key to landing your dream job, so keep pushing.

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