If the Job Search Isn't Moving, Maybe You Need to Challenge Your Current Strategy

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If you're? frustrated with a fruitless job search, it may be time to reinvent yourself and the way you approach the process. Even the most qualified applicants who are active within a professional network struggle with career changes. Ease some of the stress and start finding success with these tips to challenge your current strategies.

Evaluate What You Want

Do you find yourself stuck in a position that seems to be going nowhere? Then take time during the job search to evaluate what you really want. Take an honest look at your career goals and your skill set to determine desirable qualities in a new position. Spend time writing down what you have enjoyed about projects from past positions, interactions with clients that left you feeling fulfilled and moments in your career where you felt truly challenged, yet happy. Identify what you are seeking in a career — not just a job — and craft the perfect job description. As you're browsing through openings for your job search or talking with recruiters, refer back to your list so your search stays on target.

Craft an Elevator Pitch

Craft an effective elevator pitch to deliver to your professional network or potential employers by focusing more on successes you achieved within your career rather than titles you have held. While your resume and cover letter compiled during your job search should detail your experience, your elevator pitch needs to show personality. Brainstorm specific examples and scenarios where you have succeeded. For example, if you were a key part of a large client acquisition, include details about your approach and your persistence. If you led a team on an important project, describe your leadership style and your ability to act as a team player. Your elevator pitch should offer a personalized touch that is professional, but not so formal that hiring managers are overwhelmed with industry jargon.

Remain Motivated

The stress and pressures of the job search are bound to weigh on you when you are not seeing results. Don't let your motivation level decrease, though. Find ways to stay inspired and focused. Consider working with a mentor from your network to boost your morale and discover innovative strategies. Increase your connections and reach out to former colleagues and supervisors to find referrals. Communicate what you are looking for in a career to spread the word about your skills and experience. Most importantly, put your heart and soul into rebranding yourself as an industry expert. Build a blog offering informational articles and opinions regarding trends in your field. Customize your social media profiles to communicate your field of interest, and reach out to existing experts in the field to engage them in conversation. Many times, a casual contact or member of your network can point you to fruitful job leads.

Stay focused on your goals, your needs and your wants when actively engaged in a job search. Refining your strategy shows that you are willing to adapt to industry changes, which ultimately showcases your innovative nature as a potential employee.

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