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Let's face it. You want the opportunity to land a high-paying job with big career prospects. Knowing you earn what you're worth and can grow within your field makes it easier to show up for work every day. Consider the following industries, whether you are just starting your career or looking to make a change and earn better pay.


Helping clients navigate the legal system takes special training and a special kind of fortitude. You must be tough in the face of adversity, but you should also be a compassionate person who can deal with scared clients worried about very serious life circumstances. You also need to have a keen sense of knowledge of case law, which is essential for helping you represent your clients in various types of cases.

The good news about law is that there are many specialties. You don't have to stick with being a lawyer. Once you earn your degree and get some experience, you can branch out and become an employee of a court system or a legal consultant for a firm. Specialized knowledge of law leads to high-paying jobs and the opportunity to take your career to new heights.


Neuroscientists have ample opportunities to earn high-paying jobs. Two main career tracks in this field include a neurologist and neurosurgeon, and both are medical doctors that require years of specialized education. A neurologist helps diagnose problems with someone's brain or nervous system by running a battery of tests, interpreting brain scans and checking for symptoms. A neurosurgeon can fix problems in the brain by performing delicate surgery. Although some might consider these jobs to be high stress, with the right experience and knowledge, you can have the daily job satisfaction of knowing you help save lives, and you'll earn a great salary, too.


Suppose you decided to enter the health care industry, one of the highest-paying industries in America, as a nurse but then decided you want to advance your career and become a doctor. Physicians are always in high demand, which means you have job security. The advanced skills needed for the profession lead to high-paying jobs, no matter what type of doctor you want to become. Think about becoming a general practitioner before narrowing your focus. You may need to go to school for nine years after earning a bachelor's degree before becoming a full-fledged physician, but the rewards are well worth the effort.

CEO or Business Owner

Owning a business is different than having a high-paying job, because entrepreneurs generally put their heart and soul into their professions. You follow your passions and make money based on sales, putting your skills out there and developing a base of loyal customers and clients. Beyond showcasing your skills, you also have a responsibility to your employees and customers for delivering on your promises. You also have to run many aspects of the firm rather than focusing on just one aspect of a job.

Although high-paying jobs are sometimes more stressful, these careers offer great rewards and career prospects. These career tracks also have the potential to pay major dividends over an entire lifetime.

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