Don't Let the Holidays Get In Your Way

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If you've been working on finding a job, the holiday season may not seem like an ideal time to finally secure that perfect position. However, with the right approach, looking for work during the month of December can work in your favor. Here are some reasons why you shouldn't put your job search on hold during the holiday season and some tips to make the most of the month.

Holiday Parties Are Networking Opportunities

Sometimes, finding a job just requires meeting the right person. Holiday parties provide fantastic opportunities to make some new connections that could lead to a new position. Of course, you don't want to be the person asking every guest for a lead on a new job. Instead, keep conversations fun and casual, and mention employment in a natural way when it seems appropriate. You may be surprised how easy it is to find an opening through a friend of a friend.

Other Job-Seekers Are Away

If you're looking for employment, you have probably noticed how much competition is out there. December is a great time for finding a job because many unemployed people are either on vacation or putting their search on pause. Applying for jobs and going to interviews during December shows that you're motivated and that you take initiative. Additionally, if a company needs to fill a position quickly, they might not be willing or able to wait until January to complete the hiring process, putting you at the front of the line.

Fill Recent or Upcoming Vacancies

The end of the year naturally brings about changes, and it's common for people to quit jobs in December in order to start the new year fresh. It's also common for employees to receive year-end bonuses, giving them some wiggle room to start finding a job elsewhere. If you apply for employment in December, there's always a chance that you might be applying for a position that recently opened or one that is going to open in the near future. There are no guarantees when it comes to finding a job, but applying at strategic times can help to tip the odds in your favor.

Businesses Need Extra Help

It's no secret that the holiday season is often the busiest time of the year for businesses. Companies that are hit with unexpected business may need to hire additional employees in order to meet growing demand. If you make it clear that you're available to start as soon as possible, you may increase your chances of getting hired, even if it's only for seasonal work. The first step is getting your foot in the door, and from there, you may be able to turn a temporary gig into a full-time position.

It may be tempting to hibernate from a job search until the new year, but finding a job during December is a strong possibility. Looking for employment takes time, effort and motivation, so keep pushing. You never know when a holiday miracle may happen, especially if you've been good this year, so keep sending out those resumes.

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