Does Your Resume Show Your Passion?

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Your resume shows your relevant work experience and education, but it can go far beyond that. Create a resume that also highlights your passions to stand out from other applicants. If you're looking for a way to improve your resume, try showcasing your personality. This can encourage the hiring manager to take notice and increases your chances of getting a call for an interview.

Highlight Past Triumphs

Hiring managers are looking for employees who consistently go above and beyond. Your resume may show that you worked at a certain place for a certain amount of time, but is it really showing the areas in which you truly excelled? One way to improve your resume is to add in those little details that make you seem like an exceptional employee. For example, you could include any awards or recognition you received. You could also mention how you regularly exceeded sales quotas. These kinds of details show that you really care about the position beyond just collecting a paycheck.

Include Relevant Side Projects

Another way to improve your resume when applying for jobs is to include any activities and passion projects that relate to the position for which you're applying. For example, if you were hoping to land a job working with a veterinarian, you could include your time spent volunteering at a local animal shelter. Your goal is to show that you would be participating in that field regardless of whether it's your main source of income, and also that you're actively trying to expand your knowledge and experience. Be sure to update your resume every time you have a new relevant experience to add.

Mention Extracurricular Activities

While your resume should mainly highlight your relevant professional work experience, there's nothing wrong with providing a brief overview of what you do when the workday is over. After all, hiring managers are seeking people who fit into the company's culture, and when it comes to applying for jobs, the little details can make a big difference. You can improve your resume with a quick list of your hobbies and interests. Try to paint a picture of who you are without using valuable space. For instance, you could include a quick bulleted list of your favorite four or five activities that really define you as a person.

Express Enthusiasm

Even if your resume's overall content is stellar, you could be missing out if your language isn't grabbing the hiring manager's attention. A great way to improve your resume is simply to make it more exciting. After all, if you're writing about something you love, the reader should be able to tell. Instead of just conveying the facts, use language that shows pride in your accomplishments. For example, rather than saying you have customer service experience, you could say that you consistently went above and beyond to keep customers smiling. That simple language shift can mean the difference between a passionate resume and an average one.

If you're genuinely passionate about your field, that excitement should come through naturally. Take the time to improve your resume, and don't feel tied to one version. A good resume is always evolving, so reread yours regularly, and make changes as needed to reflect your most current self.

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