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With hundreds of applicants for every job opening, it can seem impossible for your resume to stand out among a sea of similarly qualified peers. If you are applying for jobs in a creative or technical sector, you have more techniques at your disposal than others who are going for more conventional positions. Try thinking outside the box when it comes time to submit your resume.

Make It Interactive

There's no hard rule that states your resume must be in Word document format. Many candidates create resume websites, where potential employers can simply click through to view the candidate's job history, strengths, accomplishments and testimonials. You may also choose to create a video resume, which is essentially a 60-second elevator pitch that explains who you are and what you can bring to the table. Before directing employers to view a digital resume you created, be sure to read over the company's application instructions.

Borrow the Company's Theme

If you're vying for a design position or another creative gig, try crafting your resume template from a company's current theme. One job seeker named Eric Gandhi did just that: he created a resume that looked like a Google search results page and then sent the resume to Google. It's a risky technique that paid off for Eric. Using a company's theme to create your resume shows that you respect and admire the company's creative vision and makes it clear that you'd fit right into the company culture.

Create an Infographic

Infographics are a popular way for job seekers to display their achievements, especially in creative fields. You can make your entire resume into an infographic, which is included for all members of Nexxt, or you can include one within a more traditional resume format. If you have lots of quantitative information such as sales figures in your work history, an infographic is a great way to draw attention to it. You can use timelines, graphs, pie charts and word bubbles to create visual interest and keep the reader going.

Think of Different Delivery Methods

The traditional method of delivering your resume to potential employers is usually via email or regular mail. Since everyone else who wants the job will be doing this, it may be worth your time to consider delivering your resume in an unexpected way. Lukas Yla of San Francisco pretended to be a donut delivery person and brought cases of donuts to around 40 companies he wanted to work for. Inside each box? A cleverly concealed resume with the message, "Most resumes end up in the trash - mine in your belly." Even if you don't score an interview with the company, you are bound to make a solid and long-lasting impression.

For creative and technical fields, an unorthodox resume may be just what you need to stand out from other candidates and score an interview. Using a digital resume, adding a company's theme, creating an infographic and testing unique delivery methods are all effective ways to give your resume the punch it needs to get noticed in today's competitive job market.

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