Could a Flexible Schedule Change Your Life?

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A survey conducted by job aggregator FlexJobs reports that 97 percent of respondents say that a job with flexibility has a positive impact on their lives. Discover six reasons why a flexible schedule could change your life for the better when it comes to your professional and personal goals.

1. Focus on Your Health

A flexible schedule allows you to focus on your health if this is a priority. A full 87 percent of the survey respondents said a flexible arrangement lowers their stress levels, while 79 percent believe it makes them healthier. Flexibility lets you set the tone for your priorities, whether it's working four 10-hour days to get a three-day weekend or working a few days from home each week. The time you save on your commute can go towards walking outdoors, taking day trips with your family or adding more time to your workout routine.

2. Spend More Time With Family and Friends

Humans are social creatures, and they need to spend time with others. A flexible schedule gives you more time to spend with close friends. Working from home gives parents a chance to support their children by attending soccer practices, dance recitals and more. Flexibility also comes in handy for doctor's appointments, meetings with school teachers or anything else that life throws at your family.

3. Do What You Love

Having a flexible schedule gives you time to do what you love. Erik Freeman, a benefits adviser from Aflac, gets to spend more time with his family, but he also creates rock albums with his band. In terms of your professional life, you can gradually turn a hobby, such as gardening, writing, making YouTube videos or practicing yoga, into a career. You'll have more time to delve into your passions.

4. Increase Production

Studies show that telecommuters and workers who have flexibility at the office are more productive. When you work at an office, there are generally more interruptions, since co-workers tend to be social. You must also factor your commuting time into your day when you work at a remote office. This is time you would spend working if you had a home office.

5. Travel More

Having a four-day work week gives you more time to take leisurely trips. A flexible schedule also means you can have more vacation time throughout the year. The trick here is work hard at your job so you can play hard when you have time off. It's like you're rewarding yourself, and rightfully so.

6. Appreciate Your Job

Flexibility helps you appreciate your job more. When you realize that spending more time with family, traveling more often and following your passions are due to your flexible career, you'll likely want to hold on to the position for as long as possible.

A flexible schedule can truly change your life for the better. If these benefits sound good to you, seek out a job that offers a flexible arrangement.

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