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As a job seeker, it's crucial to have materials crafted that are designed to showcase your skills and experience. Building a perfect resume doesn't have to be a challenge. In fact, with just a few actionable steps, you can compile a document that impresses hiring managers and prompts employers to seek you out and put your application materials at the top of the stack.

Pay Close Attention to Format

A perfect resume needs to be easy to review. Although you may have expansive skills in graphic design, avoid going overboard on the bells and whistles when formatting your document. Use a font that's easy to read and stay away from script fonts that are too decorative. Include bullet points so the information you are providing is easily scannable. Resist the temptation to include graphics or images on your application materials as these can distract hiring managers and take their attention away from your qualifications.

Focus on Your Accomplishments

It's essential that you are providing quantitative information when detailing your accomplishments. Build a perfect resume during your job search by offering tangible evidence of your success in past positions. For example, include the number of new clients you secured or the overall size of the budget you managed while working in a sales or leadership position. Provide a section on your resume that breaks down these accomplishments in bullet form so the hiring manager can easily pinpoint your successes.

Customize Your Work Experience

Employers do not need to know details about every single position you've had since the moment you started working. Instead, build a perfect resume that displays your relevant work experience to the open position. Many of your previous jobs may include transferable skills, so it's appropriate to include these if you elaborate on how the duties of the positions carried over into your current industry.

Include Relevant Keywords

Scour through the company's job description and advertisements to locate keywords commonly used. Craft a perfect resume using these keywords to capture the attention of potential employers. In fact, using keywords may also help filter your application materials through online applicant tracking systems to improve your chances of obtaining an interview. Spend time during your job search researching relevant keywords used within your industry so you can include these on both your resume and cover letter when applying for desirable positions.

While it's not easy to predict what employers are seeking in an applicant, you can improve your chances of obtaining your dream position with a perfect resume that's catered to the job. Time spent researching the company and customizing your application materials is well worth it when you craft documents that capture the attention of the hiring manager right away.

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