Avoid These 5 Resume Red Flags

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It's no secret that finding a job can be tough. In order to stand out from the rest of the herd, it's critical that you have an outstanding resume. Most people can create a resume that's attractive to the eye, but that's not enough. Aesthetics matter, but the content of your resume is what really makes or break you as a candidate.

1. Spelling and Grammar Errors

One of the most common resume tips you hear when it comes to finding a job is that you must double-check your document for spelling and grammar errors, yet these errors are still frequently found on many resumes. Sometimes errors happen, but submitting a resume with an existing error is unforgivable. Run your resume through a spellcheck program. Ask a friend or family member to go over it for you, and don't even consider turning it in to the hiring manager until you're positive it's flawless.

2. A History of Bouncing Around

While you should never provide misinformation when you're trying to find a job, you can choose what information you make available. If you had a string of job changes within a few months of each other, you may be better off leaving out those short stints that didn't work out. Employers are looking for people who are going to stick around for the long haul. Try to make your resume portray you as a reliable person who can commit long-term.

3. A Lack of Consistency

Again, you may not be able to change your previous experiences, but it's important that they maintain some sort of overall theme. If you're goal is finding a job as a cashier, your landscaping experience may not be immediately relevant. However, if you add "excellent communication with clients" as one of your skills gained, you've connected the dots and made your experience more relevant. Try to find ways to link all of your past experiences in a way that connect with the job in question.

4. Dishonesty

Making up experiences on your document might cause a hiring manager to toss your job resume. If you do get the job under false pretenses, you could lose it when the truth is later revealed. These days, there are plenty of ways to verify the information on your resume, so just be honest. Even if you lack experience, genuine passion can go a long way when it comes to finding and keeping a job.

5. Unoriginal Content

While it may be tempting to search online for content for your resume, it's in your best interest to create unique content. A simple plagiarism checker can reveal exactly where your lines came from, and many experienced hiring managers can smell a template from a mile away. You can look at other examples for inspiration, but don't copy and paste information. There are no shortcuts when finding a job. Put in the work, and you'll get results eventually.

These resume tips cover the basics, but it's up to you to go the extra mile to make your resume attention-grabbing. Finding a job may take time and effort, so try to learn from your mistakes along the way. Continue tweaking and updating your resume, and eventually, you'll end up with one that you're proud to deliver.

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