Are You Ready for the Jobs of the Future?

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Predicting future jobs is a complex process, but researchers have found that if job seekers are actively boosting their skills and staying on top of industry trends, their chances of employment are significantly higher. Learn how to put your qualifications in the spotlight during your job search and show you're ready for jobs of the future by enhancing these skills.

Ability to Work With Teams

Employers are seeking candidates who have tangible evidence of working successfully in teams. Show you're ready for future jobs by outlining your teamwork on your resume, your online portfolio and your cover letter. During the job interview, offer specific examples that show varying roles on projects with colleagues. For instance, detail your experiences as a leader and as a participant to show your flexibility and versatility in the workplace.

Eagerness for Entrepreneurship

It's likely that at some point in your education or work experience you've taken on roles that model those of an entrepreneur. Future jobs require employees to be self-starters. Show hiring managers that you have what it takes to lead projects but also work independently to further the company's efforts. If you're lacking experience as an entrepreneur, it's never too late to start a blog, website or e-commerce business to gain some experience managing, organizing and delegating.

Thinking Outside of the Box

Future jobs are likely to employ advanced technologies, which requires employees to think outside of the box when creating marketing campaigns, sales goals and processes for productivity. During your job search, boost your skills in software, applications and mobile devices so you're prepared to jump right in and adapt to the technologies in use. Build a website to showcase your sample work, design an application to enhance your knowledge and connect with industry experts on social media to expand your professional network. Think about innovative projects through the use of technology that could not only enhance your skills but also show you can think critically when solving problems, which is a must-have skill for future jobs.

Taking on Freelance Projects

Increase your chances of employment and impress potential employers by taking on freelance projects that help you gain project management experience. Employers want to see candidates who are go-getters and willing to take risks in their industry. Freelance projects also help you learn how to navigate projects, create processes and follow steps to meet client needs. In addition to adding these skills to your resume, you can also increase your chances of becoming a much more viable candidate for future jobs.

As a job seeker, it's crucial to maximize your time and prepare yourself for changes that future jobs bring. Brush up your skills, stay in tune with technological advances, and seek out entrepreneurial opportunities to become more employable for years to come.

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