Are You Considering an MBA?

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Getting an MBA is a big choice — after all, it takes a considerable amount of time and money to complete the degree. Depending on where you are in your career, an MBA can be an important advantage.

Advancing in Your Field

When you're ready to move up in your field, getting an MBA can give you a leg up. Think of the next few positions on the career ladder. Do they require management experience or knowledge of general operations? If so, an MBA might be the right choice. Since the degree teaches you about leadership, management and business operations, it can give you a competitive advantage over other candidates. It may even allow you to leapfrog over interim positions and directly into a senior management job.

Starting Your Own Company

Small business owners often handle every aspect of their operations, from finances to strategic planning. If you don't have practical business experience, the learning curve can be steep — and expensive. Getting an MBA is one solution. In one or two years, you can pack in an intense business education. That way, when you go to start your company, you can do so with high-level knowledge that helps the business become successful, faster. This ability to build a solid business framework can be an important competitive advantage as your company grows.

Networking Opportunities

Getting an MBA is more than an education — it also comes with fantastic networking opportunities. MBA programs often bring in speakers and mentors to work with students, giving you the chance to connect with top industry talent. You can build relationships with professors, attend conferences and get to know the next generation of business tycoons. If you capitalize on these opportunities, you can emerge with a professional network that's worth the cost of the degree.

Higher Salary

Professionals with MBAs command higher salaries than those with less education. According to the Financial Times, MBA graduates double their salaries within three years after finishing their degree. If you're getting close to hitting the salary ceiling with your current level of education, getting an MBA can move you forward. Naturally, the degree comes with a cost — one that you may need to pay out of pocket or with loans. Before you sign up for a degree program, it's a good idea to decide if an MBA is worth it. Look at tuition compared to the salary caps for MBA grads in your industry to see if the degree is likely to pay off down the road.

Getting an MBA has the potential to skyrocket your career forward, leading to faster advancement and bigger salaries down the road. By examining the costs carefully and weighing them against the benefits for your individual situation, you can decide whether an MBA is right for you.

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