A Successful Freelancer Needs These Traits

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Do you daydream about hanging up that suit and tie, giving up the morning commute and saying goodbye to office drama? While being your own boss, working from home and doing work you love is enticing, there is more to being a freelancer than just freedom. If you’re considering the switch, check out these eight traits of a successful freelancer.

1. Self-Motivation

As a freelancer, you’re the boss. You decide which jobs to take and how to approach each new assignment. A successful freelancer must be able to set goals, stick to benchmarks and meet deadlines without the prodding or direction of a supervisor.

2. Enthusiasm

When you decide to take on your passion as a freelancer, your hobby becomes your career. While you may love updating your personal blog weekly, becoming a freelance writer means you must write to pay the bills. Make sure you can maintain the excitement for your craft.

3. Healthy Work-Life Balance

The ability to work from home can be comfortable, but you can’t get so relaxed that you put off your work. A successful freelancer avoids
distractions, sticks to a schedule, and creates a clear boundary between work tasks and personal life.

4. Positive Attitude

When you decide to take on freelancing as your career, you may encounter friends, family members or co-workers who put down the idea. You may meet those who don’t consider freelancing to be “real work.” To succeed, you must be able to keep a positive attitude and let these comments roll.

5. Ability to Sell

Even if you’re a freelance tutor, you must be a good salesman. As an independent contractor, you have to market your services to potential clients. Be ready to create a brand and sell your skills and qualifications.

6. Follow-Through

If you accept an assignment from a client, you better be sure you can complete it. Rather than just meeting standards, strive to exceed expectations. A successful freelancer delights clients and generates referrals for new work.

7. Networking Skills

Being an independent contractor doesn’t mean keeping to yourself. A successful freelancer builds a network, using it to seek advice, gain support or learn about new work opportunities. For example, if you’re a freelance marketing consultant, it may be helpful to have a freelance graphic designer in your contact list.

8. Recognition of Your Self-Worth

Freelancers set their own rates, so it’s important that you’re confident and know your own value. Be careful not to undercharge clients or allow others to take advantage of your services.

The decision to become a freelancer may seem like a no-brainer, but there’s more to consider than just the freedom to be write your own schedule and work rules. It takes the right personality to make this change work, so make sure you have these eight traits to become a successful freelancer.

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