9 Great Skills to Include on Your Resume

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As a job candidate, you want your professional resume to stand out and capture the attention of hiring managers. Companies seek applicants who can display proficiency and experience that are relevant to the positions that they're seeking to fill. Show that you have what it takes to make an impact in your dream job by including these nine skills on your resume.

1. Bilingual Literacy

Your professional resume should include your proficiency in languages other than your mother tongue. Although a bilingual candidate is not always a requirement, more and more companies are seeking professionals who can better communicate with partners and clients worldwide.

2. WordPress Knowledge

Many employers are seeking applicants who have experience creating websites using user-friendly WordPress templates. If you are unfamiliar with the platform, create your own blog or website as a start or complete online tutorials to master the program so you can include this skill on your resume.

3. Web Development

Go beyond learning Wordpress and gain proficiency in web development as a whole. A great number of employers want to see that you can publish documents, informational articles, photos and videos online without assistance.

4. Microsoft Excel

You don't have to be entering the accounting field to include mastery in Microsoft Excel on your professional resume. This program is used heavily in a variety of industries and is often a required skill for management positions.

5. Adobe Photoshop

Many companies prefer to use visuals to market their products, services and company culture, and they need employees who can help them create and edit these visuals. Experience with photo editing software such as Adobe Photoshop can help put your resume on top of the pile, especially if you're pursuing a career in a creative field.

6. SEO

Search engine optimization has become a common skill sought after by hiring managers. Companies rely on website and advertisement clicks to gain new clients. Your knowledge of SEO practices and analytics can help boost the company's online visibility and search engine rankings, so highlighting this skill on your professional resume can help tip the scales in your favor during a job search.

7. Google Analytics

Beyond mastery of how to rank better in the search engines, as a job candidate, you can increase your opportunities if you learn how to navigate Google Analytics. This online database provides real-time data for companies to track their website clicks and demographics.

8. Public Speaking

Every employee represents the brand of the company in which they are employed. Therefore, hiring managers are seeking candidates who can communicate well. Public speaking skills are essential for both in-office meetings and gatherings, as well as client presentations and industry conference workshops. Show that you can represent the company as a spokesperson with public speaking skills.

9. Product Management

Emphasize your skills as an innovator by listing product management skills on your professional resume. Offer detailed examples of how you have proposed ideas for new products, managed the launch of merchandise and marketed the company's product line to the public.

Craft a professional resume that details how you can impact the company based on your skills and experience. Including these nine traits and skills help you stand out when the competition is fierce.

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