5 work perks employees wish they were offered more often

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Earlier this year Oprah surprised all of her “O” magazine employees with a special bonus for the magazine’s 10th anniversary. Regardless of their length of employment she gave everyone that worked there an Apple iPad with personalized leather case and a check for $10,000. I’m sure soon after that she had a flood of applications from people hoping to see what she gives out for their 20th anniversary.

Sometimes it’s not just the pay that sways employees’ decisions to work for a company but also the perks that they offer. While wild benefits like Chesapeake Energy Corp.’s Scuba certification program are fun to think about here are 5 practical perks more companies should offer if they want to attract productive employees.

Telecommute: Companies are finding they are saving money by allowing employees to work from home. It requires less office space to climate control and light. And employees who can work in their pajamas are generally more pleasant and productive.

Siestas: The next best thing to napping at home is a nap in the office. Companies that have instilled a 15 minute quiet time after lunch have seen an increase in afternoon productivity. By allowing employees a little down time the quality in their work remains fresh and focused when they get up.

Day care: Next to peace of body, piece of mind goes a long way when trying to get the most out of your team. When employees know their young children are cared for close by in capable hands they can concentrate on their work instead of childcare. This also allows them a chance to catch up with children at lunch and on breaks which fosters a sense of family and loyalty.

Housing allowance: If employees can get a discount living expenses in selected communities it will encourage them to live closer to work and even car pool. This is not only good for the employee and the company but for the environment too.

Educational Assistance: Who doesn’t want smarter employees? Companies that offer tuition assistance have employee, old and young, that continually increase their knowledge within their chosen field and stay on top of the competition.

While it may not be 10g or an iPad employers would be surprised how a little perk can go a long way when it comes to employee motivation and moral. So when considering your next position don’t just consider what you can do for the company, consider what the company can do for you.

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By Heather Fairchild - Heather is a multimedia developer, business owner, and work-from-home mom.


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