10 Resume Tips That Will Never Go Out of Date

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A well-written and comprehensive professional resume is the key to landing the position you desire. While industry trends have altered the way many candidates compile a resume during a job search, these 10 tips will never go out of date.

1. Providing Relevant Information

Compile a professional resume that outlines your skills and experience that are relevant to the position. While you may have some experience in other industries, only include these details if you can show transferrable skills that apply to the position or industry.

2. Include a Professional Email Address

Avoid using your personal email address if the handle is not professional. Instead, secure an email address that includes both your first and last name.

3. Use Numbers and Statistics

Quantify your successes on your professional resume to simplify the information for employers. Include sales numbers or the dollar amount of budgets you've managed so an employer can easily pinpoint your experience.

4. Address Career History Gaps

If you have taken time off for personal reasons or engaged in self-employment, include a brief explanation for the gaps on your resume. Don't leave any unanswered questions for employers to speculate.

5. Detail Honest and Accurate Information

Avoid exaggerating your experience or skills when compiling your professional resume. Employers expect you to be able to fulfill the duties and execute tasks that you detail as mastered if you are hired.

6. Write Concise Bullet Points

Employers typically only scan application materials, so it's crucial to provide details about your skills and experience in short form. Write concise bullets to highlight your proficiencies and qualifications versus adding long paragraphs about your accomplishments or work experience.

7. Eliminate Personal Information

You have a brief opportunity to showcase why you are the best fit for the job, so avoid including any personal information on your resume. In addition, personal information can lead to discrimination, especially if you reveal your age and family status.

8. Stray From Overly Decorative Formats

Keep it simple. Even though you may want to impress hiring managers with flashy and colorful graphics, your focus during the job search should be on providing concise information. Focus on readability and use a standard font and consistent formatting.

9. Highlight Your Accomplishments

Your resume should be a guide for employers to identify your career accomplishments. Highlight any honors, awards or recognition within the industry and showcase how you've established yourself as an expert in the field.

10. Proofread Carefully

Formatting, grammatical and punctuation errors can land your professional resume in the trash. Spend ample time reviewing your sentence structure, use of words and spelling to avoid any embarrassing errors that can lead hiring managers to perceive your skills as sloppy.

Follow these 10 steps to ensure your professional resume is impressive. Employers seek out candidates who can display their skills and qualifications professionally and in a thorough manner.

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