10 Job Hunting Strategies that Go Beyond Your Resume

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While creating a polished resume is still the most essential part of your job hunt, it's not the sole factor in determining your success. To boost your chances of landing a great job, try these 10 strategies to increase visibility, hone your professional appeal and catch the eyes of potential employers.

1. Create Valuable Web Content

If you want potential employers to contact you instead of the other way around, create content online that's relevant to your job or industry. This can include how-to articles, blog posts or even videos. This content serves as an evergreen investment in your professional career, since your content continues attracting attention even when you're between jobs.

2. Be Helpful

Good networking is about more than just exchanging contact information. If you focus on helping as many professionals as you can, they're likely to jump at the chance to return the favor.

3. Use Diverse Channels

Try to identify where professionals in your industry are hanging out on the web, and post your content there. For example, you might post articles on professional networks for a traditional job or tutorials on Instagram and Snapchat for more creative, cutting-edge or fashion-focused industries.

4. Determine Your Market Value

Determine the lowest salary you're willing to accept, making sure it does not fall too far below the market range for your skillset. Use online tools to come up with your market value to help you hone your job search.

5. Perfect Your Personal Brand

Your personal brand combines your professionalism with other aspects of your experience and personality that make you irreplaceable. Identify these, and build off of them to create a focused brand you can display throughout your job hunt.

6. Define What You Really Want

If you want to balance your career and personal life once hired, take some time to determine what parts of your lifestyle must remain the same and where you can find some wiggle room.

7. Focus on SEO

Optimize your online content and professional profile to ensure you can be found online by potential employers. Use industry keywords, and check Google Analytics to see who is visiting your site.

8. Improve Your Online Image

Potential employers check social media sites, so make sure you're sculpting a positive image when engaging with others online. Ensure all your social media sites present the same personal and professional image you want to create.

9. Choose Your Professional Platform

Once hiring managers review your polished resume, they may want to see more. Instead of using your LinkedIn profile as your sole professional platform, consider building a professional website to aid your job hunt.

10. Create a Solution

Companies are searching for professionals who can solve their problems. Stay up-to-date on industry news and developments to make yourself invaluable.

It's important to focus on other aspects of your job hunt besides your resume. With these key strategies, you can be well on your way to scoring your desired job.

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